Mi patmutjun

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Barev sireli hayrenakitcner! Es patmutcyun@ grel em nrants hamar voronk aprum en artasamanum ev che giten haeren gartal! Namanavatd artasaman medzatcac erekhaneri hamar.
I’m going to share with you about my amazing native village which I miss so much.
Norashen (Tckhaltbila)
As I remember it

Every year in summer we used to visit my grandparents who live there, but last 3 year we hadn’t had ability to continue this nice tradition..
So, I live in Moscow and my lovely village is located in southern part of Georgia near its border with Turkey. But this region completely populated by Armenians living here for more than 200 years. Village is called in two ways. Its Armenian name is “Norashen” which means “new hamlet”. Second name is Georgian – “Tskhaltbila” which means “warm water’. And the village really has its warm water sources used by natives for washing and bathing. Also it is valued for its taste and healing properties.
The worst time of day for me is morning, but in Norashen I was awaking with great pleasure and joy. Despite the day’s weather, mornings were usually full of sun coming out of mountains and spreading its heat everywhere. Because of the very pure air it is possible to indicate where rain is coming from and even its speed. After short but strong rain you can see wonderful rainbow, sometime twin rainbows which seem to be very close to you.
Nights here are miraculous! You feel the closeness of the night sky like you are at observatory. Covered by stars completely heaven don’t let you take your eyes off it for a long time. You are even capable to see the Milky Way in all its beauty! Night is also time of glow-warms appearing and vanishing everywhere.
The treasure of the village is its great coniferous forest with remarkable hundreds years old firs, pines and delicious mushrooms and wild strawberries. The Village’s firs are famous for their natural organic gum located on the tree’s trunk. It has specific taste and healing properties.
If you climb up to the forest and pass its middle part you will achieve a small hamlet called Juyla. It is kind of a summer residence where farmers stay because of its fresh juicy grass.
Small forest’s brooks are full of trout and other delicious kinds of fish. All Natives have their own apple and pear gardens located towards the lower part of village closer to the border with Turkey. In the summer these gardens are full of beautiful flowers and aromatic grass, and people enjoy spending time here. Near gardens are vegetable plantations where natives raise potatoes, cabbages, carrots, beans, corn and wheat.
One of the favorite places of young people is so called Big River (Medz Ked) located nearby the country border. As it is a mountain river it’s very violent, but despite of that in summer time it is crowded! There a lot off adults and teenagers swimming and playing ball games. Nearby sometimes you can see cows, walking among the river.
It is really amazing region. It has its own originality and specific indescribable aura. I hope to return there in future.
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